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Our guiding teacher is Elihu Genmyo Smith, first Dharma Heir of Charlotte Joko Beck and co-founder of the Ordinary Mind Zen School. PZC's practice leader is Ed Mushin Russell, Dharma Heir of Genmyo. Our schedule includes weekly sittings, periodic workshops, and sesshin six times a year.


PZC is located at 515 S. Prospect (N.W. Corner of Green and Prospect) in Champaign, Illinois. This view is from the driveway entrance off Green.
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The PZC Sunday schedule activities are currently in the virtual realm. Participation is open to anyone wishing to join us for sitting and a Dharma talk. To contact us, use the email address below.


These pages include Dharma talks in audio and text formats, the current newsletter and links to other sites. Please consider making a donation to PZC so that we may continue to provide these resources.

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Schedules and event updates are available in the newsletter section of this site.


The next sesshin will be virtual via Zoom from Nov 13 through the 15th.

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Audio recordings of Genmyo's talks can be heard via the Dharma page.
Podcasts are also available.

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