Morning Words

These are  transcripts of brief talks given by Mushin after the weekday morning sittings.
Participation in these sittings is available via Zoom. To request the link, send an email to pzc@prairiezen.org

The paragraphs on the pages below are seperate talks given after the sitting period each day.

Three Marks of Existence

The Eightfold Path

Six Paramitas

Sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts

Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo

The Heart Sutra

Closing Gatha

Four Great Vows

Useless Practice

Study the Self


Mumonkan Case 19

Rohatsu (Bodhi Day)

Bodhisattva's Vow

Four Practice Principles

Form and Emptiness

Gatha of Atonement

On Practice




Easy or Difficult Practice

Case 57 of the Blue Cliff Record