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Thursday Evening Class


These are recordings of the Thursday evening class.
It is a study and discussion of Joko Beck's book, "Nothing Special".

6/22/17 - Do Not Judge

6/1/17 - Integration

5/11/17 - Subject-Object Problem

5/4/17 - Can Anything Hurt Us - Part Two

4/27/17 - Can Anything Hurt Us - Part One

4/20/17 - Eye of the Hurricane

4/13/17 - The Talk Nobody Want's to Hear, Part Two

4/6/17 - The Talk Nobody Want's to Hear, Part One

3/30/17 - Forgiveness

3/23/17 - Justice

3/9/17 - The Promise That is Never Kept

3/2/17 - Sacrifice and Victims

2/23/17 - The Baseboard

2/16/17 - Responding to Pressure

2/9/17 - Sisyphus and the Burden of Life

2/2/17 - Cacoon of Pain

1/26/17 - Whirlpools and Stagnant Waters