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Thursday Evening Class

These are recordings of the Thursday evening class.
It is a study and discussion of Yasutani Roshi's text, "Eight Aspects of Buddhism".

Introduction - 9/20/18

Buddha-nature a - 9/27/18

Buddha-nature b - 10/4/18

Misconception of the “self” a - 10/11/18

Misconception of the “self” b - 10/18/18

Eternal Life a - 10/25/18

Eternal Life b - 11/1/18

Law of Causation a - 11/15/18

Law of Causation b - 11/29/18

Existence of All Buddhas a - 12/6/18

Existence of All Buddhas a (part 2) - 12/13/18

Existence of All Buddhas a (part 3) - 1/3/19

Existence of All Buddhas b - 1/10/19

Mutual Attraction Between Buddhas and Sentient Beings a & b - 1/31/19

Not Two But One a - 2/7/19

Not Two But One b - 2/14/19

Road to Buddhahood a - 2/28/19