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515 S. Prospect, Champaign, IL 61820-5043


You are invited to become a member of the Prairie Zen Center. The Zen Center is a member of the Ordinary Mind Zen School whose purpose is to manifest and support practice of the Awakened Way. Membership provides an opportunity to both support the work of the Center and to deepen one’s commitment to practice.
   Zen communities have always relied on the generosity of their supporters. This support is not only critical for the continuation of the Center, but also demonstrates that, at the most basic level, we are all connected and interdependent. Giving is an integral part of the path of practice, and leads us to the realization of our deep bond with one another and all living beings.
   Please be aware that being a member of the Prairie Zen Center is a commitment. This includes a commitment not only to daily practice, but a commitment to the financial support of the Center. Members are expected to make a minimum monthly donation of $40 / month ($25 / month for out-of-town members). Accommodations can be made for those individuals who are on a limited income; if you need to do so, please contact us at
pzc@prairiezen.org. Also, direct bank account withdrawals can be set up by request.
   Your donations go towards maintaining the Center and ensure that we are able to serve the Sangha in an effective manner. The Prairie Zen Center is a non-profit organization, and donations may be tax deductible.

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Appreciating the importance of ongoing practice, I agree to support the Center financially according to my means.
I will notify the treasurer if it is ever necessary to adjust this commitment downward.
My minimum monthly* support donation will be     $

May be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.